Hospital Management

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Stock Manager

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Comprehensive Hospital management App
One stop solution for your hospital

All the Patient Data Eg: Diagnosis, History,
Prescription, Lab reports

Manage All Events
Appointments Operation booking
Leaves, Doctor availability ckecking interface

Easy Billing Management
Govt discount, Insurance package addding
Pending Payments, EMI’s tracking

Easy Bed booking and management
OT admitted notification
Auto billing interface

Smart Reports
Track Doctor Performances,
Patient Data, Monthly/Daily reports

Doctor Friendly Easy Diagnosis,
Prescriptions, Patient History tracking,
Lab Status display interfaces.

Lab interface for Technician, create Reports,
Auto reports availablity for doctors
Easy patient Lab data tracking

Easy operation booking
Manage Operations Data, Auto OT reports
Simple Doctor Interface

Beautiful Interfaces,
Unique way of displaying patient status

Bed Booking Interface

Easy Bed booking and management
Simple Patient details Display,
Admitted for OT, Operation status display,
Auto billing items adding feature.

Event Management Calender

Entire event Management through single Calendar
All the Appointments, Operations, Leaves booking,
management done in a few clicks and keeping track
of all staffs and patients made easy.

Hospital management appplication patient interface

Digital Library

Patient can walk Barehanded, don’t have to worry for
missing papaer records, reports. Digital Copies of all
the records maintained and made available at every point
where patient’s data needed for hospital staffs and Doctors.

More Features

Hospital management appplication features

Real time analytics to help you
improve business

Hospital management appplication features

Lab modules to track patient’s lab tests,
manage reports, track status.

Hospital management appplication features

Easy customisable diagnosis interface to help
doctor focus on patient than software

Hospital management appplication features

Easy migration from other Databases.
Write simple rules to Migrate old data to this application.

Hospital management appplication features

Documents categorised and stored in digital library,
no way of loosing the patient information

Hospital management appplication features

Simple, user friendly admin interface.
easy asset, user access management

Hospital management appplication features

Few simple clicks to finish the tasks
you can focus on your business than software

Hospital management appplication features

Write prescriptions with few clicks,
Save your favorite prescriptions.

Hospital management appplication features

Easy patient status tracking system
no need of searching check status

Hospital management appplication features

Patient history interface to help for diagnosis,
single click to open the complete patient history.

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